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The Found Father 

This body of work is called the ‘Found Father’ as it was partly inspired by the ‘lost boys’ in Peter Pan. I want to highlight the importance of the father whose role in the early weeks of a new baby’s life can be uncertain and confusing and the father can feel very lost. 

The giant rattle jewellery was made to celebrate fatherhood. It is playful and references the vulnerability felt by new fathers. Both mothers and fathers need support in the early days and many of the models that were used to make the forms were originally floatation aids such as rubber rings and fishing floats. 

The ceramic pendant jewellery takes inspiration from the Mexican Bola necklace. It rattles and the mother wears it on a long chain during pregnancy. Once the baby is born the rattle can be worn by either parent to soothe, as the sound will be as familiar as their mother’s heartbeat. The findings and fixings are rescued from men’s vintage pocket watches, in recognition of all the fathers that have gone before us. 

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