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I am a ceramic artist living and working in East Sussex. I initially studied Psychology and worked in Further Education Colleges for 18 years. These experiences have inspired me to explore ways that craft and ceramics in particular, can investigate emotional and social issues.


I completed my Masters in Craft at Brighton University in 2017. In 2019 I participated in the Craft Council’s Hothouse Programme and discovered my preference for making project based work to tell stories and communicate ideas. 


Each project explores a theme or a question and each piece of work is unique and hand–built. I am always thinking about how I can develop an idea, hence the design process is long and involves a good deal of research, drawing and experimentation. I make press-moulds and stamps for each piece to give the texture that I am looking for and adjust glaze recipes to produce the finish that suits the piece. Similarly, I use various hand-building methods for each piece. I particularly enjoy slab building and mould making. Each sculpture goes through approximately four firings. The last firing is the gold lustre and decal firing which is the finish for the porcelain and wire parts of the piece. 

Louise Bell
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